Particles in Cœur des Hauts-de-France

proposal for a mixed show between architecture and theater

janvier 2019

guiding tours
Mediation proposal made to the Pôle d’Équilibre Territorial et Rural du Cœur des Hauts-de-France (northern France). We aim to engage residents in the discovery of their territory through architecture and theater.

The proposal is to write, design and perform a live show based on the sensitive territorial exploration, with the help of everyone. A cultural and educational tool (= understanding and discovering what surrounds us) that will lead to a position taken, an appropriation of this territory, in order to end with a poetic invention and a production that is specific to the participants.

In the manner of Bruno Latour’s Theater of Negotiations, we want to invite residents to give voice to the Particles, these fragments of the territory, whether real (a monument, a dike, a tree) or symbolic (a legend, a biography). To give voice to things that do not have one: the nook, the legend, the feeling. The mill, the tree, the castle or the simple brick will come to life like the artisans of a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Le conte, comme l’architecture, racontent en fait une histoire qui s’adosse au réel mais le transmute pour donner naissance à un objet plus universel. Seule la forme finale varie : un texte pour l’un, un bâtiment pour l’autre. Et si nous construisions ensemble la légende de la Haute-Somme ?

Tales, likewise architecture, actually tell a story which is based on reality but transmutes it to give birth to a more universal object. Only the final form varies: a text for one, a building for the other. What if we build together the legend of Haute-Somme?

Between mythology and pop culture,
Between personel experience and built environment,
Between observation and realisation,
This project has a double ambition :

  • to show the invisible dimension of this territoy in a playful and accessible way;
  • to use the legend as a parabol to discover processes that underline architecture and landscape architecture.


  • Write and playthe Legend of Cœur des Hauts de France with inhabitants.
  • Take advantage of this writing to explore the built and natural environment, the language of architecture et the several steps of creative process.
  • Enage the audience through ludic activities, visits, writing, workshops.


  • Define with local actors the map of the territory in which action will take place.
  • Define with the audience the narative arc through visits (exploration), play (negotiation) and writing (formalisation).
  • Design the staging and decor with children; define the conditions of restitution with local stakeholders.
  • Produce a collective show which gives voice to certain constituent elements of the Heart of Hauts de France and make this occasion a convivial moment

in cooperation with actress Selena Hernandez / in the framework of the Educational, Artistic and Cultural season 2019-2020 proposed by PETR Cœur des Hauts-de-France / cover picture @M.I.A